Thumper: Pocket Edition Paid APK v1.11


Thumper: Pocket Edition Paid APK v1.11

Thumper is beat viciousness: great activity, rankling speed, and ruthless physicality. You are a space creepy crawly. Bold the void and go up against a twisted monster head.
thumper game apk

With this unique pocket release, you can play every one of the nine epic dimensions with one hand.
Rush forward, ace new moves, and endure unnerving supervisor fights. Pushed by a beating unique soundtrack, you'll feel each devastating effect. To achieve synesthetic joy, you should vanquish mood hellfire.

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■ Features ■
thumper pocket apk

・ Nine epic dimensions

・ Adrenalizing supervisor fights

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・ Psychedelic visuals and unique soundtrack

・ Smooth 60 FPS in representation and scene

・ PLAY + mode (expanded test and speed)

■ Please Note ■

Remote earphones can include huge sound inactivity. For the best understanding, wired earphones or incorporated speakers are unequivocally suggested.

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