Cheat Droid PRO / root only APK v2.3.3


Cheat Droid PRO / root only APK v2.3.3

Cheat Droid is an engineer's instrument. You are an engineer and need to investigate the common inclinations of your applications and amusements.

Cheat Droid is an engineer's instrument. You are an engineer and need to investigate the common inclinations of your applications and amusements? You care about information security and need to see, what applications spare which data about you? You overlooked your secret key in your very own application or game and attempt to recoup it? You are basically a type of "programmer" and just in fact intrigued?

At that out Cheat Droid – Shared Preferences Editor an attempt! Shared Preferences are the most well-known route for Android applications and diversions to store settings or data inside your telephone information. For instance, a riddle game may store the present dimension inside this document. Or on the other hand different recreations may store your cash, gold tally, highscore or whatever in it. Applications may follow, how often you began them. Or then again when was the last time.
Cheat Droid PRO / root only APK

Be that as it may, it would be ideal if you note the disclaimer beneath. Cheat Droid is fairly adjusted for specialized, scientifical and troubleshooting reasons.

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★ see, alter, include, search through and erase shared inclinations

★ fare and import inclination documents

★ peruse through sqlite database records

★ fare and import some other application records (CheatDroid ★ PRO as it were)

★ alter sqlite database documents (CheatDroid ★ PRO as it were)


What is root and is there any valid reason why cheatdroid won't work without it?

Fundamentally, root access furnishes your Android cell phone with administrator benefits (counting altering framework records like CheatDroid does). Consequently, you need a pull telephone for CheatDroid.

For some applications I don't discover a great deal of Shared Preferences to alter, why?

Since no engineer is compelled to USE Shared Preferences, those applications may utilize another approach to store their settings. CheatDroid does not work all over.

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How would I get my telephone established?

Look at the web, you will discover enough material. For example, you could google "Establishing [your telephone name+model]". Likewise, you should need to evaluate one of these connections:



★ to-root-your-android-gadget



Cheat Droid needs root get to – likewise, every utilization of it can likewise adversely influence the usefulness of different applications or even of the entire framework! Do possibly utilize on the off chance that you truly comprehend what you are doing. I don't expect any obligation in the event that you wreckage up your gadget or the usefulness of different applications. hink of sending out and making reinforcements of those mutual inclinations documents you should need to alter. In the event that an application does not work appropriately any longer, you can take a stab at clearing its information.

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YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS APP FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSE. You are not permitted to (industrially and in some other manner) harm or upset an outsider. All that you do occurs individually duty.

– included "see sent out records" catch in documents list

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