PhotoMap Gallery – Photos, Videos and Trips Ultimate APK v8.7.8


PhotoMap Gallery – Photos, Videos and Trips Ultimate APK v8.7.8

View your photographs and excursions in an interesting manner. Keep your recollections alive more than ever. PhotoMap is a standout amongst the best exhibition applications with special highlights. It causes you discovering extraordinary places once more. Remember your outings by bouncing for all intents and purposes from area to area.

PhotoMap Gallery – Photos, Videos and Trips Ultimate APK

"This is valuable for occasion, sports and business photographs." - Android Magazin, 4/2015

"PhotoMap is one of the more exceptional exhibition applications. [...] It's additionally only amusing to play with." - Android Authority, 4/2017

With PhotoMap, you can see photographs and recordings from your inward capacity or SD card. PhotoMap likewise bolsters distributed storage and system drives: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, FTP/FTPS, and CIFS/SMB.


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✈ View your voyaged separations and term of remain.

✈ Supports Android 8.0 Oreo

Offer your photographs and treks as photograph arrangements or by means of connection. Your companions can without much of a stretch open shared connections in a program.

On the off chance that your photographs don't have geo positions up to this point, if it's not too much trouble enact the relating alternative in your camera application. It is prescribed to utilize the application MapCam to take photographs with precise geo positions.

More highlights:

✔ View your photographs in a reasonable timetable view.

✔ Track your outings or your regular daily existence with the incorporated geo tracker.

✔ Import GPX records from outer trackers.

✔ Export your outings to GPX/KML records.

✔ View your photographs in an astounding Augmented Reality (AR) see.

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✔ Write down your contemplations and certainties in a journal.

✔ Use the supportive homescreen gadgets.

photomap pro gallery apk
✔ Change the area of your photographs by means of simplified.

✔ Add GPS positions to photographs in geotagging mode.

✔ Store photograph subtitles in your photographs' metadata. Picasa, for example, can peruse it.

✔ View Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC and other meta information.

✔ Enjoy review pictures arranged on a zoomable world guide (photograph map).

✔ Freely zoom, turn or tilt the 3D world guide to appreciate alternate points of view.

✔ Freely pick between satellite, road, landscape, and OpenStreetMap see.

PhotoMap is an extraordinary instrument for some situations:

★ When voyaging, in the midst of some recreation, on work excursions, when outdoors, in remote urban communities, and so on.

★ Make a note of locales like attractions, land, homes, autos, building destinations, eateries, work environments, lodgings, inns, schools, parking garages, and so on.

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★ During game, for example, bicycling, paddling, running, running, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, trekking, working out, playing football, and so forth.

★ As an onlooker at an uncommon occasion, for example, a show, a celebration, a football match-up, a tennis match, and so forth.

★ As a guest to parks, zoos, bug markets, event congregations, Christmas markets, and so on.

★ On the family excursion, at a gathering/festivity, at a bar/dance club, to record the night life, the end of the week, and so forth.

★ When meeting with companions at the shopping center, on the play area, while shopping, in an eatery, and so forth.

★ On uncommon events, for example, marches, birthday events, weddings, festivities, and so forth.

★ in case of a debacle, for example, a seismic tremor, storm flood, flood, wave, storm, sea tempest, woods fire, and so on.

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PhotoMap is helpful for some gatherings of individuals, for example, land intermediaries, geologists, examiners, officers, specialists, firemen, journalists, cops, mailmen, planners, explorers, voyagers, development laborers, truck drivers, cabbies, occasion supervisors, attendants, visitor delegates, on-screen characters, office chiefs, au sets, the travel industry collaborators, ranchers, foresters, plant specialists, protection operators, janitors, pilots, specialists, inside creators, city guides, models, and so forth.



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