Hydro Coach PRO – drink water v4.1.4-pro Paid APK


Hydro Coach PRO – drink water v4.1.4-pro Paid APK

Hydro Coach is the most persuading Water Drink Reminder and Water Tracker application of 2019 💪💦

Drinking water routinely is a major test in everyday life. Hands up – who truly drinks enough water each day? Hydro Coach will help you by computing how much water you need, following what you drink, and delicately reminding you when to drink. It's a great opportunity to release the intensity of water to improve your wellbeing. Since your wellbeing is justified, despite all the trouble!

Hydro Coach PRO – drink water apk paid

Master highlights:

⭐️ Unlimited Diary. Think back to all previous days in your journal.

⭐️ Additional month to month measurements and boundless week after week insights.

⭐️ More gadgets (for example 1x1 gadget for quick beverage inputs).

⭐️ Use hydration variables to characterize how well beverages are hydrating or getting dried out.

⭐️ Fast and simple admission from every notice.

⭐️ Export your beverage history into a CSV document.

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⭐️ No advertisements.

Advantages of drinking water for your wellbeing:

💧 It's a viable technique for battling pressure and tiredness

💧 Drinking enough water can clear up your skin

💧 Drinking enough water can improve your wellbeing in a couple of days

drink water app
💧 It's helpful to weight reduction and the premise of each expert eating routine

💧 Drinking more water can calm cerebral pains

Key highlights:

✅ Improve your wellbeing with individual beverage warnings

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✅ Keep ideal track of your water balance through an essentially structured journal

✅ Get a graphical knowledge into your water drinking propensities with week and month insights

✅ Practical gadgets give clear data about your water consumption

✅ Create custom beverage volumes effectively

✅ Supports magnificent (fl. oz.) and Metric (ml) units

✅ Share your water admission with your companions

✅ Direct water contribution through your android wear
✅ Synchronization with your google account

✅ Google Fit, Samsung Health und Fitbit

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How it functions:

Our recipe computes your optimal individual water prerequisite dependent on numerous elements like age, weight, sexual orientation and way of life. Select your preferred glass you typically use, and Hydro Coach will remind you to drink and refill it.

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