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Do you know the "Rights of Friends." ?

In the Qur'an there is a mention of friends along with those and distant relatives. They have the following rights:

1. It is necessary to make a close observation of the beliefs,deeds, behavior and dealings, conduct and character of those with whom one intends to make friends. If they are found right minded and righteous, they may be befriended, otherwise avoided. Great emphasis has been laid on shunning bad society. Experience and observation also expose the harm of bad society. If one comes across a person of like habits, belief and character, there is no objection to befriending him, as it is recognized universally that a friend is the greatest source of comfort and solace.
2. Never hesitate in sacrificing for him even your life and wealth.
3. If something unpleasant comes from him connive at it. If some quarrel occurs by change settle it at once instead of prolonging it, because even temporary differences among friends have some pleasant aspects.
4. Do not be neglectful in wishing your friends well or in giving them good advice. Give ear to his advice with sincerity and accept it if it is practicable. There is a custom in the Indian sub-continent of adopting someone as a son and conferring on him all the rights of a real son. In the Islamic Shari'ah an adopted son has no such rights, he has simply the rights of a friend. Such a one has no share in the heritage which is subject to definite laws and is not a matter of someone's personal choice.
It is inferred from this that the practice followed in India of debarring a son from inheritance is invalid in the Shari'ah and has, therefore, no legal force.

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