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Rights Of Parent in Life , After Death And Also Paternal And Maternal Grandfathers and GrandMothers In Islam (Muslims Way Of Life)

Rights of Parents

The person mentioned above is a means in the earning of religious blessings and benefits. There are persons whose rights are established and admitted in the laws of the Shari'ah. As an example, it is the parents who are instrumental to the birth and upbringing of their children. Their rights are as follows:

1. Not to harm and offend them, even if they commit some excess and offence towards their children.

2. To respect and honor them by word and action.

3. To obey them in all matters that are lawful in the Shari'ah, and to help them with money even though they may be unbelievers.

Rights of Parents after their death

1. To pray regularly for their salvation and divine mercy from Allah and to send them benefits and rewards of optional prayers and monetary donations in charity.

2. To deal with their friends and acquaintances with monetary concessions, physical services and nice behavior.

3. To visit their graves and offer "Fatiha" from time to time

Rights of paternal and maternal Grandfathers and Grandmothers

According to the laws of the Shari'ah they occupy the same rank and status as the parents. As such they should be allowed thesame right, regard and respect as the parents. Therefore, the mother's and the father's sisters are like one's mother and the mother's brother (maternal uncle) and the father's brother (uncle) are like father. The husbands of mother's sister and the father's sister are also like father in the matter of rights. This has been indicated in a Tradition.

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